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This Barcode Generator is free and provides you to use it unlimited times and generate barcode images online.


Its barcode image generates processing is powerful. So, It takes less time to generate barcode image.


All files uploaded by you will be automatically permanently erased from our servers after 2 hours.


On the tool, you can generate barcode image by entering text. You can generate barcode image and save it.

User Friendly

This tool is designed for all users, advanced knowledge is not required. So, It's easy to generate barcodes.

Powerful Tool

You can access or use the Barcode Generator online on the Internet using any browser from any operating system.

How to use barcode generator 128 tool?

  1. Enter text into the textbox on the barcode generator 128 tool.
  2. See barcode image and select category from menu as you want.
  3. Adjust bar width, height, margin, and background and line color.
  4. Also, you can show or hide text and apply available settings.
  5. At last, download barcode image from barcode generator 128 tool.

The fastest tool to generate barcode online on the barcode generator 128 tool. You can use generator and make barcode on the barcode generator 128 tool. You have to enter text into textbox online on the barcode generator 128 tool.

On the tool, you can make barcode image on this barcode generator 128 tool. It’s fastest way to make barcode online on this barcode generator 128 tool. For making barcode, enter text into textbox on the barcode generator 128 tool. You can simply see the barcode image after entering text into the textbox. Now, you can select an option from the barcode category from the menu. You can also see lots of features related to barcode images. Like, you can change the size of bar width, height, and bar margin, etc. You can also show or hide the text from the barcode image according to you. Simply, you can apply these settings to text. You can change text size, text margin, text align, and font name, etc. You can also change the barcode background color and barcode line color. You can now click on the download button and then easily download generated barcode image into your local device. Use this barcode generator 128 tool and easily generate barcode image online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Input the data you want to encode in the barcode.
  2. Select the barcode symbology (type) you prefer.
  3. Customize settings like size, color, and text, if necessary.
  4. Generate the barcode and save it as an image.

A barcode generator is a tool or software application that creates barcodes, which are graphical representations of data or information that can be easily scanned by barcode readers or scanners.

Barcode generators are used for various purposes, including inventory management, product labeling, tracking assets, improving efficiency in retail, etc.

Yes, there are various barcode symbologies (types), each suited to different purposes. The choice depends on the specific application, industry, and data encoding needs.

Yes, this barcode generator allows you to create barcodes without installing software. It is convenient for quick barcode creation.

Yes, this barcode generator allows customization. You can adjust the size, color, text, margins, width, height, background color, alignment and etc.

To ensure barcode accuracy, verify the data input, choose the appropriate symbology, and test the barcode with various barcode readers to confirm readability.

Yes, you can use barcode generators for personal purposes, such as creating unique QR codes for invitations or labels for your personal projects.